Voi v-ati cautat numele pe Urban Dictionary?

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Zilele trecute eram la birou si deodata intreaba unul din colegi daca vreodata ne-am cautat numele pe Urban Dictionary. Desigur ca eu am raspuns ca nu, ca nu mi-a dat niciodata prin cap sa caut acolo numele meu. Da, mai caut chestii pe Urban Dictionary, apelative pe care nu le inteleg, in special din limba engleza.

Asa ca la o cautare pe acest website am dat peste aceasta explicatie pentru Ecaterina:

A somewhat bossy female who uses words in ways that are hard to be understood by a normal person. Since Ecaterina is such an uncommon name, no one knows what the last name should be so they are typically hella random. Usually also extremely pretty which has a tendency to attract creepy stalkers from the opposite gender. This isn’t a problem however because an Ecaterina has more balls than any male and will punch anyone in the neck without hesitation. e.g: Try being an Ecaterina and your life will turn around.
Ei bine… spune un pic adevarul despre mine. :))

Voua ce va spune Urban Dictionary despre numele vostru?

8 Replies to “Voi v-ati cautat numele pe Urban Dictionary?

    1. NAVI e o zana din Legend of Zelda care il ghideaza pe Link :)) Nu prea pari sa vorbesti prea mult. Tu mai mult canti <3

  1. Luciana
    Beautiful girl with incredible wit, normally happy and willing to help her friends. The name means light and bright, and is believed to bring incredible luck to those who name their kids this way.

    Mă cam recunosc…

  2. Andrei
    Slang term for “cool”, “sexy”, “attractive”, “hip”, “handsome”, “suave” or “attractive to the opposite sex”.
    Given as a name, as Andrei or Andre, shortened to Dre as a nickname.
    Considered as a suave or sexy name due to its french/ russian origins.

    Tare site-ul, și îmi place nickname-ul, dacă îmi trecea prin cap îl puneam la număr 🙂

  3. “A Romanian goddess. Named after saint Andrei. Common characteristics: honest, responsible, thoughtful, and ridiculously lovable.”

    Ma cam simt! Mai putin partea cu zeita, dar daca asta crede, cine sunt eu sa-l contrazic? :))

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