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Voi v-ati cautat numele pe Urban Dictionary?

Zilele trecute eram la birou si deodata intreaba unul din colegi daca vreodata ne-am cautat numele pe Urban Dictionary. Desigur ca eu am raspuns ca nu, ca nu mi-a dat niciodata prin cap sa caut acolo numele meu. Da, mai caut chestii pe Urban Dictionary, apelative pe care nu le inteleg, in special din limba engleza.

Asa ca la o cautare pe acest website am dat peste aceasta explicatie pentru Ecaterina:

A somewhat bossy female who uses words in ways that are hard to be understood by a normal person. Since Ecaterina is such an uncommon name, no one knows what the last name should be so they are typically hella random. Usually also extremely pretty which has a tendency to attract creepy stalkers from the opposite gender. This isn’t a problem however because an Ecaterina has more balls than any male and will punch anyone in the neck without hesitation. e.g: Try being an Ecaterina and your life will turn around.
Ei bine… spune un pic adevarul despre mine. :))

Voua ce va spune Urban Dictionary despre numele vostru?

Blogger necenzurat, fara rusine si cu destul de mult tupeu. Scriu tot ce imi trece prin cap si nu imi e teama sa folosesc tastatura din dotare.


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